Monday, 25 August 2014

Aug 25 1822 - He Called It What??

A post taking real life incidents from this day in history and my view of them as if they were happening today and what my honest view would have been then on that day ignoring hindsight or knowledge of how it ended

Before William Herschel became involved, the Solar System ended at Saturn but after 1771 there were seven other bodies instead of six floating around the Sun with us, but wow did he give it a bad name.
He could have chosen anything from the rich English language but the astronomer, who died today aged 85, greatest achievement will forever be met with childish giggling.
Herschel always maintained that Uranus was named after the Greek god of the sky but deep down he must have known that talking about rings around Uranus or exploring Uranus would end any sensible discussion.
How can any scientist possibly ask for funding to look for dark spots on Uranus with a straight face?
I think in honour of William Herschel, we all need to think carefully about Uranus and watch it closely because for all we know Uranus could be crawling with life despite the noxious gases emanating from Uranus that could kill a man.
As i explained to my father last night, 'Uranus is much bigger than Mars and'...oh i give up!

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