Friday, 29 August 2014

Greatest Threat UK Has Known Apparently

What a marvellous tool of government a terrorist threat is, how did they ever do without it?
Long gone are the days of the IRA bombing us and the Government telling us to stay calm and carry on otherwise they win, now it's THEY WILL SLAUGHTER US IN OUR SLEEP, EVERYBODY PANIC !!!
Call me a cynic but upping the terrorism threat level is a relatively new tactic when things are going bad for the government, Tony Blair popularised it with his tanks at the airport and the like.
Now its ISIS who are making our Prime Minister push the threat up to severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.
'Measures are needed to combat a greater and deeper threat to security than we have known' says Dave ramping up the fear and scare-mongering but what he really means is 'Don't look over there at the stories of how we have wrecked the NHS and Conservative Ministers jumping ship, look over here at this and see how masterful and tough i am'.
The general consensus is its the start of a long run up which ends up with British troops back in Iraq (just in time for the general election) or with just under a year to go until we get to vote the Socialists back in, a ploy to play action man and get back into Office like Margaret Thatcher did, on the back of a good old fashioned war.   
The only threat we have is David Cameron and his Government as it was only a year ago that the Cameron was bleating because he couldn't act as the ISIS air force in Syria and campaigned to supply these people with arms and now they are the greatest security threat we have known so can't say i am happy with his decision making or his judgement but one look at what he has done to the NHS, education, hospitals, public services and anything else he has poisoned for the last 4 years to see that.

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