Saturday, 30 August 2014

Renaming E-Cigarettes

On first reading that the Royal Society for Public Health were having another pop at e-cigarettes i was all ready to launch into yet another 'why are they trying to bash something that is so much less dangerous to public health than smoking' but by the end of the piece i found myself in agreement with it.
THE RSPC warn that calling them 'e-cigarettes' keeps them linked to real cigarettes and they worry that people, children especially, will try e-cigarettes and progress onto trying 'real' cigarettes, something i have seen myself so it does happen.
They want them renamed as 'nicotine sticks' which isn't really very catchy, vapourisers would be my call, sounds a bit Doctor Who and they call themselves vapers and the action of puffing on it vaping anyway.
There second point i also agree with, by making vaping seem cool, they therefore attract non-smokers into vaping and then we are back into the first point of people upgrading to real cigarettes when the whole point of e-cigarettes is as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.
So i am with the RSPC's call to take the cigarette part out of the name and crack down on advertising that could attract non-smokers into trying the many vapourisers out there and i would even go a step further.
Where i buy my nicotine from, they provide the usual tobacco flavours alongside others such as bubble gum, ice cream and cola flavours which is where i would be looking if i was not a proper grown up person.
The best thing is to not try smoking in the first place, it is expensive, dangerous to your health and you will spend the rest of your life trying to stop again and worrying that every time you get a sore throat that it's cancer.
That said, i was told the same thing and it never stopped me and if i was 14 again i would still be taking that first step although probably with an e-cigarette first.


Keep Life Simple said...

Call em suk-n-blo. You suck them, they suck money from your pocketbook. You blow, they blow your money into thin air...


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This joke about Bill Clinton has been deleted.

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Keep Life Simple said...

hey there is the name... Billy_stick or slick_willy or such