Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nine Year Olds With Guns?

A nine-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed a shooting instructor who was teaching her to use an automatic Uzi submachine gun. Police have released footage filmed by the girl's parents showing the instructor helping the girl hold the gun.
Idiot parents for allowing it, idiot gun club for allowing children to fire guns there, idiot instructor who paid the ultimate price for agreeing to instruct her and idiot gun laws that allow gun clubs exist to allow horrendously moronic parents to take their children to shoot powerful instruments whose sole function is to maim and kill.
Poor kid will have to live with what she has done, a victim of the gun nuts in the US telling them that it’s perfectly normal to hold a gun. 
I imagine it was only by dumb good luck that there was only one death but thanks to Americas insane and ridiculous gun laws and upholding of the Second Amendment, it won't be long until the next one.


Keep Life Simple said...

well that was stupid and defenseless.

concerning our laws. if our approach to guns keeps whinny, scared, oh-please-government-protect-me europeans out of the USA, then I say great. we don't need any more people that think government should be about equality instead of freedom.

Lucy said...

They also keep the undertakers busy so it helps the economy! Everybody wins!!

Anonymous said...

The shooting school is called bullets and burgers so is obviously targeted at kids. Hand a kid an Uzi and be surprised when someone gets shot. What muppets.