Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Aug 13 1946 - H. G. Wells Dies

A post taking real life incidents from this day in history and my view of them as if they were happening today and what my honest view would have been then on that day ignoring hindsight or knowledge of how it ended.

Britain has been blessed with some excellent story tellers down the years and today one of our finest has died with news that HG Wells has died of a heart attack aged 79.
While many will agree 'War of The Worlds' to be his magnum opus, i found 'The Time Machine' to be my favourite story from his pen, the concept of travelling through time an epic piece of science fiction writing.
He may have been a philanderer leaving broken marriage's and fatherless children in his wake but as a writer he must rank as one of this countries finest.
His imaginative and excellently written stories will remain even if he won't and as time passes, historians will settle less on his numerous affairs or what he called 'loving several people very deeply at the same time' and concentrate on his books which deserve to put him alongside the likes of Jules Verne as making an outstanding contribution to literature.

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