Monday, 25 August 2014

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Well that was an eventful August, we went to war with Germany, a Soviet Cosmonaut spent the day going around the Earth and America dropped an atomic bomb on Japan.
We said the final goodbye to Cleopatra, Groucho Marx, HG Wells, William Wallace, Genghis Khan and Leon Trotsky and Captain Cook stuck a British flag in Australia and ignoring the people who already lived there, claimed it for Britain. 
September will probably not have as much going on as last month but it will certainly still have violence, death and destruction running through it just as the last 2000 years have.
Israel is still occupying and slaughtering thousands in Palestine with America backing and even supplying the ammunition to do it with as it does in that other killing fields of Ukraine while religion is still responsible for untold deaths in the shape of ISIS or whatever they are calling themselves now.
Meanwhile there is talk of another recession and the devastation that brings to everyone from the bottom up but doesn't seem to reach the richest at the top as the people in charge continue to maintain that Capitalism is the only game in town when it comes to running an economy.
As anyone can see looking at the August posts, us humans have never been short of an excuse to kill each other and that isn't ever going to change and will only get worse as devastating Climate Change gains an even tighter grip on the planet and the reasons for war change change from oil, land and whose God is better to water and the other vital necessities that we need to exist. 
Indeed very depressing and there are not many glimmers of hope on the horizon for us but as everything goes to hell in a handcart we can at least amuse ourselves with celebrities pouring cold buckets of water over themselves.
Oh well, the holidays are almost over so it's back to the blogging then.

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