Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Voters Profiles

It is wrong to try and profile people into which way they will vote at an election depending upon which newspaper they read or what music they listen to but its fun so we can misuse the YOUGOV profile to try and find out which way that Theatre going neighbour who shops at ALDI is going to vote in May.

According to the tens of thousands in the YouGov database, the average Conservative voter is a dog owning male over 60 who like DIY and motorsports and shops at Waitrose and banks at Lloyds. He drives a Mercedes and wears clothes made by Gant and Barbour and watches Sky News and Downton Abbey, reads the Daily Mail and in the CD player he has Cliff Richards and Phil Collins. 

The average age span of the typical Labour Party voter is 40-59 and they enjoy the theatre, athletics and football. They own a cat, wear Lee Cooper clothing and drive a Ford with Bob Geldof or John Lennon the music of choice and shop at the Cooperative and read the Guardian & Private Eye.

The Lib Dems can expect the crosses on their ballot papers to come from voters aged between 18 and 24 who enjoy athletics, own a cat and drive a Volkswagen. They shop at Sainbury's, listen to Radio 4 and listen to The Strokes and read the Guardian.

UKIP voters are aged 60+, enjoy DIY, boxing and darts, a dog owner who shops at ALDI shopper. They prefer clothes from Cotton Traders, drive a Jaguar and like Dads Army, Mrs Brown's Boys and Emmerdale. They can also be found reading the Daily Mail and listening to Cliff Richards.

Members of the public who vote for the Green Party will typically be aged 18-24, enjoy writing & visiting museums and galleries. There preferred sport is cycling and probably own a cat. They shop at the Cooperative and wear American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. They drive a Fiat, watch QI and Dr Who and listen to The Specials and read the Guardian.

Of course this is not by any means a true reflection of how someone will vote but it might be wise to avoid anyone who reads the Daily Mail and listens top Cliff Richards. Not because they are a UKIP voter but just because anyone who reads the Daily Mail and listens to Cliff Richards should be given a wide berth anyway.

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