Monday, 12 January 2015

Blooming Similar

Unable to sleep i dragged myself to the living room and switched on the television in the hope that something not very exciting was on so i could nod off and right on cue a show about the impressionist art movement started.
They wheeled through the standard lists of impressionist artists, Monet, Renior, Cezanne and then up on the screen popped one i had never heard of, the Romanian Nicolae Grigorescu.
To my eye there were two prominent features to his section of the programme, the first that he liked to draw ladies in headscarves (i assumed he wasn't very good at painting hair) and the second that he was Orlando Bloom.
The story went that he died in 1907 aged 69 but i'm not convinced and the only plausible explanation i can come up with is that he is a vampire and he changed his name, moved to England and made films about Pirates with Johny Depp.
Maybe someone should suggest that his next film is set in a church and we can find out once and for all if he spontaneously combusts . Failing that, another Pirates of The Caribbean will be fine.

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