Thursday, 1 January 2015

Go Cubs: Back To The Future 2

The BBC shows the three Back to The Future Films over the Christmas and apart from being exceptionally great films, in Part 2 Marty McFly is sent 30 years into the future from 1985 and arrived in a time when where there were hover boards zipping around, everyone wore self-lacing shoes and flying cars were the norm.
As the year he and the DeLorean turned up in was 2015, it was interesting to see just what they got right about the year we have just turned into.
Flying cars and hover boards were obviously wrong as was self lacing shoes and clothes that blow dry themselves when they get wet. We never quite made it to Jaws 19 either and Queen Diana wasn't going to be visiting Washington DC in 2015.
What they got right was video glasses which is suspiciously similar to Google Glass, voice controlled TVs with multiple screens, video games where you don't need to use your hands, video phone calls, biometric security, clothes that play sounds and scenery TV channels.  
Of course as the Doc explains the year 2015 in our reality isn't the same as the 2015 in the Back to the Future as: 'The future hasn't been written yet and every decision that is ever made effects the path of the future. One single turn or deviation would of created an alternate reality'.
So that's why there is no hover boards, flying cars, powered lace shoes or self drying clothes but the film predicts that the Chicago Cubs wins the World Series and after a bit of hunting (and finding out which sport the World Series is) the Cubs are currently 14/1 fifth favourites to take the 2015 title.
I predict there will be a few people brave enough to put their faith in Back To The Future II and back the Cubbies and if they win enough they can research self lacing shoes.
That is is nobody has deviated and created an alternative reality, i hate it when that happens.


Liber said...
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Falling on a bruise said...

It was what the film called them, big hologram saying go cubbies

Liber said...
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