Saturday, 10 January 2015

Why No Easter Songs?

Christmas is over and everyone is back to work and eyeing the calendar for the next holiday which is Easter and that's months away in April. Bah!
Christmas is the big one when it comes to holidays, we get blasted with songs about snowmen and Santa but Easter is just about stuffing chocolate and trying to avoid the religious films on the television.
For some reason, nobody has managed to come up with a good Easter song in the same way that Christmas has caught the imagination of songwriters.
I can't think of one tune that tells us that the Easter Bunny is coming to town or how we wish it could be Easter Sunday everyday.
Easter is all about religion in the way that Christmas isn't where Jesus and his gang are cheerfully ignored and the focus is on snowmen and reindeer with red noses leading sleighs, Easter has none of that, it is all about the religion. In the UK if a band began singing about religion they would quickly find themselves off the cool list so they avoid it altogether and a bunny bringing a chocolate egg is hardly in the same league as Santa leaving an X-box under the Christmas tree. 
Easter, it appears, is destined to be the poor relation in religious holidays regarding songs until somebody manages to find a way to make a catchy ditty about crucifixion and resurrection or the chick and rabbit is replaced by cooler symbols of the holiday which can rival a fat man from Lapland with a bunch of flying deer.

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