Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Why Won't Vinyl Just Die?

The demise of vinyl records has long been coming but the black discs are refusing to bow out gracefully as in the first half of 2014, officially registered sales of vinyl have increased by 50% on last year.
The only reason i can think that vinyl records are making a comeback is for romantic reasons, the fools, because i have been there in my teenage years and vinyl records are not a patch on CDs.
Unless they new vinyls records are very much different to the ones i owned (and i can't see how they can be), they scratched easily, they crackled and hissed and not just in the songs quieter moments, the cardboard sleeves would rip and tear, they warp if exposed to any degree of heat outside of room temperature, they take up so much more storage room, they are not portable and a decent bit of equipment to play them on will cost you plenty a pretty penny, a penny that you could use to blu tac to the stylus when the record starts jumping.
There was a reason why the usurping of vinyl by CD's was so eagerly accepted but let the youngsters and incurable romantics find out themselves amidst the crackling, pops and hisses and track jumps. Fools.

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Cheezy said...

I still much prefer mixing with my vinyl decks. CD/digital decks aren't as much fun. It's the same sort of difference as between driving a manual and an automatic car.

Apart from the stuff I mix though, all my music is digital now.