Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dave's Farewell Tour

If in the coming months the citizens of Washington DC see a moon faced idiot walking around then don't be alarmed its just out Prime Minister, David Cameron, popping over to speak to Obama.
Your semi-Retired Lame Duck President is meeting out soon to be retired Dead Duck Prime Minister to discuss such heavy matters as as Islamist extremists, Russia, economic growth and international trade and not just as an opportunity to avoid having to answer awkward questions on the NHS.
It is also a good chance to get his mug in the papers shaking hands with World leaders to show what an International statesman he is, we have already had the recent Cameron/Merkel handshake and now he is coming for Obama with his paw held out and that frowny, tight-lipped look he does when someone points a camera at him.  
As he is widely expected to be surgically extracted from 10 Downing Street in the May Election, this is Dave's farewell tour unless a photo of him with Obama is going to give us collective amnesia about what the Conservatives have done to our country over the past 5 years and vote for the posh Bullingdon boy. 
He best bet may be to swing past Texas and George W Bush's place and get a few tips on how the hell he got re-elected for a second term when he was also such a monumental arse.

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