Monday, 19 January 2015

Brits On Benefits Abroad

Thanks to the Tories and UKIP, we are all aware that foreign nationals are pouring into our country to either take all our jobs/leech off our luxurious benefits system (delete as applicable) and the scrounging Johnny Foreigner should go back home.
The figures from the National Statistics Office reveal that there are 60,000 non-British nationals claiming benefits here and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is campaigning to reform EU freedom of movement as part of his attempt to rewrite the terms of Britain’s EU membership before putting the issue to a referendum in 2017, if he is still in power.
The only people who could possibly be against it are the Brits who are claiming benefits in other EU countries, all 34,000 of them in places such as Ireland where 11,222 Brits claim benefits against the 2,620 Irish claiming here and Finland where 160 Finns queue up for benefits here compared to 582 Brits outside the Finnish unemployment office and 3 times more Brits outside an Austrian one than Austrians outside a British one.    
There are also 1,470 Germans claiming benefits in the UK while back home in Germany, 6,022 Brits claim unemployment benefit, 3,042 in France with 2,800 French here.
In Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Italy the figures are evenly balanced but Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland have approximately 30,000 citizens here while these countries pay benefits to 260 Brits.
There are 2.7 million EU nationals in Britain and 1.3 million UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU and benefits to 60,000 here while elsewhere coughs up benefits to 34,000 of our own seems to belie the right wing rantings in Britain who are demanding curbs on freedom of movement in the EU as the UK is getting a raw deal from the EU system.
The data seems to show that in many countries it could be a case of please go home you smelly Brits and stop leaching off of our benefits systems.

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