Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Good Day For Palestine, Bad Day For Israel

Great News as the United Nations announce that Palestine will join the International Criminal Court on April 1, which will allow the Palestinians to sue Israel for the war crimes perpetrated against them in the 60 years of brutal military oppression.
The UN treaty website says that due to the court's procedures: 'the statute will enter into force for the State of Palestine on April 1, 2015'.
Along with the ICC application, the UN has approved other sets of documents, enabling Palestine to join 16 international agreements, conventions and treaties.
The reaction to the news from the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was predictably  negative as he promised: 'We will not let Israel Defence Forces soldiers and officers be dragged to the International Criminal Court in The Hague'.
The Israeli administration also applied pressure to the Palestinian Authority by freezing the transfer of over £100 million in monthly tax revenues and the US predictably joined in (40 vetos used on Israel’s behalf to reject Palestine’s self-determination since 1975) by announcing a review of America’s annual $440 million aid package to the Palestinians and reminded Abbas that if he applies any case against Israel to the International Criminal Court, US financial help to Palestine will cease immediately.
Their greatest concern is that if the ICC decide that Israel has committed war crimes, the ever present American veto would be redundant and Israel would face the full force of International justice.
What Bibi is most worried about is that despite his words that no Israeli soldiers will be dragged to the courts, it won't be the grunts putting in an appearance in the dock, rather it would be the the Israeli leaders such as Netanyahu who have ordered the murder of thousands of women and children and the stealing of Palestinian land how we can only hope that that day comes soon.

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