Thursday, 6 August 2015

Back Of The Net

I am off to the countryside to watch meteors next week so we will be travelling Saturday and will miss the big kick off as the new football season starts this weekend.
Football fans usually have their own team and a few others that they look favourably upon and some for no particular reason that they hope get stuffed week in and week out.
Without a reason i can think of i have always disliked Leeds and Newcastle. Southampton are the local rivals of where i grew up and hating the 'Scummers' is bred from a young age.
Manchester United are just hated by everyone and Tottenham are my teams rivals and the guy at work who gives me most grief about football is a Spurs fan so it is always nice to see the results come in and hear they have blown it again.           
Chelsea have quite recently joined my 'hope they lose' list but that is mainly because i hate the idea of John Terry winning anything and the manager, Mourinho, has become such a moaner it is funny to hear him blame everything from the state of the pitch to the rotation of the earth when his team loses.
As well as Arsenal and Portsmouth in my 'hope they win' column, i like to see Bournemouth and Brighton do well and i have always quite liked the original up and down team Crystal Palace.
The rest i have no love or dislike for but i am sure as the season goes on my lists will chop and change as events unfold especially as i think Arsenal have a chance at glory and Pompey seem to be getting their act together finally and may clamber out of the bottom league.
Throw in the fact that boring boring Chelsea seem to have a forward line that seems destined to be injured for good parts of the season and Manchester United have the same defence that was hopeless last season and it may well be Jack Wilshire on the team bus come next May singing cheeky songs about Tottenham while parading the Premier League Trophy.

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