Friday, 14 August 2015

They Put What In Our What??

Vegetarians everywhere are getting a bit of a glow to their otherwise pasty coloured cheeks as Mars alter their recipe to include animal products.
From this month, the chocolate manufacturer has started using rennet which is an enzyme taken from the stomachs of newborn calves, to make whey for its products.
Although this story has made quite a splash in the lentil eating community, their was an even bigger eeewww factor uncovered that has somehow slipped beneath my meat free radar.
What are your favourite Smarties?
Do you like the green ones, yellow ones or the blue ones. What about those beetle-coloured Smarties?
It turns out that red Smarties get their bright colour from a dye made from dried and crushed cochineal beetles. Just like my home-made rhubarb crumble, it leaves a particularly bad taste in the mouth.
After baby cows guts in the Mars Bars and crushed insects in the Smarties the idea of adding Folic Acid to bread as was mooted this week, sounds quite boring.

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