Monday, 31 August 2015

Cubbies For 2015 World Series

I hold my hands up that i had no idea what the World Series was or who the Chicago Cubs were but Google have come to the rescue and i am now aware that it is a Baseball competition although it appears Baseball considers the World to be America. 
The only reason i found myself looking up the Chicago Cubs was because the World Series is due to start in October and in 1989, the second Back to the Future film had a reference to the Chicago Cubs defeating a baseball team from Miami in the 2015 World Series.
Wikipedia shows that the last time the World Series Trophy was sat in the Chicago Cubs trophy cabinet was 1908 and by all accounts they have as much chance of winning the thing as i have of becoming Mrs Johnny Depp but if the example of Tottenham Hotspur has taught us fans one thing, even the worst teams sometimes fluke it and end the season with a trophy so it mat be possible. 
Not only have the Cubbies got players with names like like Pedro Strop and Stalin Castro (he must play on the left side), the Cubbies also have fans such as Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, John Cusack and Gary Sinise.
So remember that you should practise winning because you should never rest until your better is the best it can be and never accept defeat, never quit and never leave a fallen team-mate.
Now let's get out there and throw some ball and do it not for yourselves but for Marty McFly, the man who played Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters and some women we never heard of in Britain.
Go Cubbies!!!

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