Sunday, 9 August 2015

Differing Movies Tastes

There are many differences between men and women.
Not only are we better at driving, handling 2 X chromosomes, multi-tasking, reading instructions and looking at our hair in any shiny surface, we also have a better taste in movies.
A SkyTV survey of film buffs has found that Star War for men and Dirty Dancing for women were the tops for repeat viewings.
Action films Alien and Die Hard were among the top male choices, along with sci-fi film Bladerunner and jaunty mafia romp The Godfather.
Women are more likely to watch Grease, The Sound of Music, Pretty Woman and It's A Wonderful Life over and over again.
Sorry guys, but you can take your Millennium Falcon and your light sabres and stick 'em up your Wookiee.

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