Friday, 28 August 2015

Last Weekend Of Summer

This is the last weekend of summer and to celebrate the end of the season, we get the last day off which softens the blow a bit that come Tuesday, it's September and we all go back to work.
It's goodbye to suntanned bodies and ice cream on the pier and hello to the long slog to the Christmas holidays and i'm fine with that as from mid-November to the end of December really is the best time of the year. 
No more dodging wasps, slapping on sun cream to leave the house, trying unsuccessfully to drop off to sleep on hot, sultry nights and third degree burns off the car interior.
It's almost time to put the t-shirts back in the wardrobe and dig out the jumpers and heavy coats
so this is the last weekend to fire up the barbecue and wear the flip-flops because as the Beach Boys lamented, Summer time is through and i can't say i'll miss it.

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