Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Conspiracy Theory: Bin Laden

We all love a good conspiracy theory whether it be about the moon landings or who shot Kennedy. The usual process is to listen to them and then dismiss them as fantasy but the conspiracy theories behind the attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001 keep bubbling up.

Before he was last seen slipping off the side of a US Warship, Bin Laden was the big bad and the recipient of the US wrath for being the brains behind killing 3000 of its citizens on 9/11 2001. 
Top of the FBI 10 most wanted list, his poster on the FBI website listed his crimes as 'Murder of US nationals outside of the United States; conspiracy to murder US Nationals outside of the United States; Attack on a federal facility resulting in death of US citizens.'
His poster for Most Wanted Terrorist stated the same crimes.
Conspiracy theorists leapt upon this asking why he was wanted for events such as the 1998 US Embassy bombings and USS Cole but there is no mention of his involvement in the 2001 attacks.
Further digging revealed that amazingly the reason the FBI never included his role as mastermind behind the attacks was because the FBI had no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.
Smelling a conspiracy theory in the air, some asked the obvious question why was there enough evidence to invade Afghanistan and Iraq but not enough evidence for the FBI to connect him to the September 11th attacks?
The US released a videotape that it said provided compelling evidence that Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks.
President Bush said of it that: "For those who see this tape, they'll realise that not only is he guilty of
incredible murder, he has no conscience and no soul, that he represents the worst of civilisation," and the British Foreign Secretary at the time Jack Straw said: "By boasting about his involvement in the evil attacks, Bin Laden confirms his guilt."
Obviously the top man at the FBI was not as sure of who was responsible as his President was that the man who ultimately took the blame, was the man behind it and if Bin Laden was used as a patsy, why?

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