Thursday, 25 August 2016

Conspiracy Theory: The Real Reason For The LHC

Beneath Switzerland sits the Large Hadron Collider which we thought was groups of people with white lab coats with pens in the top pocket bashing together particles to further our scientific knowledge of atomic particles but some people know the real reason, to create a portal to awaken the Egyptian God of Death.

The ancient Egyptians had an object named Ta-Wer aka 'Osiris device' which was a stargate machine capable of opening inter-dimensional wormholes to allow their Gods (specifically Seth and Osiris) to travel across the underworld.
The science bit is that nothing can travel faster than light but a 'shortcut' could be opened to connect two distant if a huge amount of energy is used to 'bend' the space, forming an interconnected tunnel in space-time where matter could pass.
The LHC, being a particle booster, is capable of creating such huge amount of energy similar to the required cosmic conditions to spawn wormholes, or a huge Stargate device.
Makes you wonder.

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