Sunday, 28 August 2016

Summer And Lovin' Spoons

So how's your summer been? Three more days and then Autumn comes slamming in and it's goodbye evening cocktails on the veranda in flip-flops and hello hot chocolate on the sofa in Ugg boots.
Each summer there is a song that follows us around like a bad smell and this year i have been haunted by a song which came out before i was even born, The Lovin' Spoonfuls 'Summer In The City'.    
Not only has it been on the radio several times but it put in an appearance in a couple of TV shows including one of the Die Hard films on television.   
I have therefore decided that the Cosmos is trying to tell me something via the medium of Heart FM and Bruce Willis but reading through the lyrics of the song, what it is saying is beyond me unless it is telling me i have a dirty 'n' gritty neck.
I won't be going out to find a girl anytime soon, dancing all night or looking for a kitty but i did go on a roof top one night to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower but it was too cloudy to see any.
I can only conclude that the Cosmos has used it's powers to tell me i need to buy some more spoons so to shut it up and stop it reminding me constantly, i went to buy some.
Then i remembered as i stood trying to decide exactly which type of spoons i was meant to buy, on my last day at work before the break my colleague used my teaspoon to throw a weird looking bug out the window so i told him to throw it away as i wouldn't be using that one again.     
I would have hated to have turned up back at work Tuesday and not been able to measure out a teaspoon of coffee and sugar so thanks Galaxy.
PS...I have also washed the back of my neck also just in case i misunderstood.

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