Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Conspiracy Theory: Prince & Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe was killed by the CIA, Elvis is alive and well and Princess Diana was murdered by Prince Philip. You just have to love a conspiracy theory and Michael Jackson and Prince joins the list of celebrities whose death is maybe not all they seem.

If you believe the theory, many or all of the vapour trails you see in the wakes of planes are loaded with chemicals as part of a plot by either the government/New World Order/Illuminati (delete as applicable) to do nasty things to us for a variety of sinister reasons. Famous proponents of this theory included Prince who died in April 2016.
Prince was such a convert to the theory that he put it to verse in his song 'Dreamer' ( Think they are spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep, from now on i'm staying awake). He also mentioned the subject in public but not any more because conspiracy theorists say that he was killed by a weaponised 'chemtrail flu' a concentrated version of what the conspirators are spraying on all of us every day.
Michael Jackson's death is also the subject of a conspiracy theory, the theory being that he isn't actually dead. The general thinking among the people who generally think along these lines, is that the singer faked his death due to legal and financial worries and to escape his celebrity.
Evidence is the video of his body being taken by helicopter to the Coroners Office where the body is supposedly seen to move.
Another theory is that he actually died years ago and what we have seen ever since was a Jackson impersonator.
It's a shame that we can't just let both of them rest and remember all the good times that they brought us.
Admittedly, in Prince's case there hasn't been any since 1995 and to anyone under 25 he was that weird and creepy guy who changed his name to a symbol and scrawled words on his face and Michael Jackson hadn't done anything decent since but 1983 and his Thriller Album but he did make zombies cool again for a while.

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