Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Conspiracy Theory: Flat Earth

A famous saying is that it is always better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are an imbecile than to open your mouth and confirm it which could be a lesson for the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists. 

Around 600 BC, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras started telling people that the Earth was a sphere. His fellow Greeks may have been slow to believe him but by the Middle Ages, it was an accepted fact that the earth was a ball even if the likes of Galileo had a harder time making people believe that the Earth wasn't at the centre of the universe.
If seems that after 2600 years we have been wrong all along and the Earth is actually flat, that is according to the Flat Earth conspiracy theory.
Space Images? Faked.
International Space Station footage? Shot In A Zero-G Plane.
Gravity?  Doesn't exist.
That last one may be a shock if they dropped a bowling ball on their foot but they say that it isn't things dropping towards Earth but the flat disc constantly accelerating upward, so you stood on the Earth are actually rising up to meet the bowling ball. You get a sore toe either way.
They also say that the Sun is really only 3,000 miles away, and it’s only 32 miles wide and is like a giant light-bulb that moves in a circle and shines on the flat surface of the world like a lighthouse.
Finally, they believe that the sky and everything in it are fake. What you’re actually seeing is a dome that serves to hide whatever is up there such as God or even aliens, they haven't worked that bit out yet.

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