Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Marching Into The -ber Months

Today is the last day of summer, when we wake up tomorrow morning it will be the 1st September and the first day of Autumn and boy have i heard some people whinging today.
Amnesia about all the stingy things, the sunburn and having to rip the pillow from your sweaty face each morning as we recall halcyon days where we sat outside watching the dying embers of the barbecue while sipping continental lager at 2am or sitting around a swimming pool sipping a cocktail while your feet sway rhythmically in the cool water.
Well, wake up because that's all over and it's now the steady march towards cardigans, big coats and gloves and i can't say i'm that upset as out of the four seasons that our wobbly, lopsided planet provides, Summer is bottom of the list.
Autumn brings a riot of colour as the trees shed their leaves, we get to wear woolly jumpers again, watch sunrises at an acceptable hour and we get that hour back that we handed in back in March.
Most importantly we get into the -ber months and everyone knows that once you get a -ber at the end of the month it is a short stop off at Halloween, then Guy Fawkes Night and then we are into the throes of most wonderful time of the year...CHRISTMAS!!

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