Monday, 29 August 2016

Little Help

The Royal Navy recently took delivery of six shiny new destroyers and they looked very nice gleaming in the sunshine of Portsmouth Harbour but the problems happen when it leaves Portsmouth because the billion pound ships break down in warm water leading to the Government announcing that at present the warships cannot operate if the water is warmer than it is in Portsmouth harbour.
Not letting an issue like that stand in their way, the Government has now dispatched one of the six, HMS Daring, to the Persian Gulf to help the fight against Islamic State in the region, tasked with protecting US aircraft carriers as they launch airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.
That is if it gets there at all because the ship has already broken down twice when it left dock and had to be towed back to the cooler water of Portsmouth as its engines 'degraded catastrophically causing total electrical failure' as the First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones told the House of Commons’ Defence Committee.
If i was the American Navy i would make sure that alongside all the military hardware they bring along a good, sturdy rope because i can see our lot asking for a tow back to Portsmouth very soon.

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