Saturday, 13 August 2016

Conspiracy Theory: Stephen King Shot John Lennon

Marilyn Monroe and JFK were both killed by the CIA while Princess Diana was murdered on the say so of Prince Philip and Mark Chapman took out John Lennon, or did he?
You have to love a conspiracy theory and when you get one that throws together a couple of famous names then it only elevates it to another level.

There is a thought that Paul McCartney gave us the Frog Chorus and lived while John Lennon penned Imagine and got killed which proves there is no such thing as karma but there is a conspiracy theory that Lennon's killer was actually author Stephen King and not Mark Chapman at all who was a patsy who took the fall for the singers killing.
The greatest evidence is the above picture where, according to the conspiracy theorists, the man photographed getting Lennon’s autograph hours before he killed him is not Mark Chapman like we were all told. Chapman’s glasses are the wrong prescription, his features are more centrally boxed in the middle of his face and his hair is the wrong texture, as well as the fact that the killer has dimples that Chapman does not. Only Stephen King’s features exactly trace the proportions of the autograph hound.
After the shooting, a hooded King was bundled into a nearby police station where the unwitting Chapman was being held and then they were swapped and the rest is history, Chapman went to prison and King went on to write 11/22/63 all about trying to stop an assassination of someone called John. Hmmmm.

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