Wednesday, 15 May 2019

America's Reluctant Drift To Yet Another War

In recent times, the media have had us 'stumble', 'drift', 'slide' and even 'sleepwalk' into war but not so much 'enthusiatically driven into it' which seems more like the case. 
We also go 'reluctantly' and 'with no choice' most of the time rather than 'gung ho' but that is how the media pundits who 'assess' the situation like to put it because 'cheerleading for war' isn't a good look.
The Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, recently said that a US war with Iran 'could happen by accident' which seems a strange turn of phrase especially as we have been watching the American Government ramping up war rhetoric against Iran for the past few months after abandoning the Iran nuclear deal and sending an aircraft carrier and bomber task force into the Persian Gulf.
That would be some apology Iran is due if it turns out that they trashed the deal in error and the USS Abraham Lincoln ending up off the coast of the Ayatollahs country was an administrative cock-up.
It can't be easy getting into wars by mistake because generally they are quite easy to avoid getting into if you really don’t want to be in them, Switzerland hasn't drifted or stumbled into one since 1847 and Sweden haven't sleepwalked into a conflict since 1814 so i'm not sure what they are doing that America doesn't. 
Put it down to all that hormone fed beef and chlorinated chicken they munch on but it is easy to mistake America's 'reluctant drift into war' with Iran as more of them itching to goad Iran into an armed conflict using convenient pretexts for the US to 'respond' to but maybe i just haven't been paying close enough attention.
Anyway, it seems that they will be stumbling and drifting reluctantly into a war, accidentally obviously, in due course and it will be about protecting freedom/democracy/human rights as usual but we can thank our lucky stars that as Washington is so careless with it's war making that it isn't stumbling into anywhere more dangerous and only just the nations like Iraq, Libya, Venezuela and Iran which, as luck would have it, are also filled to the gills with oil.


Liber said...

Dear God, please inform Lucy that the USA is now a net exporter of oil and we have not needed oil from other nations for a long time.

Falling on a bruise said...

God said that it was just a happy coincidence obviously.