Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Cowell Isn't Such A Bad Guy

He has been called rude, annoying, vain, smug and his fluorescent white teeth and high waist bands have been ridiculed mercilessly so there are no shortage of things you could knock Simon Cowell for. Foisting the Spice Girls onto us should be enough to see him lynched but the former EMI errand boy with the acid tongue has managed to not only clog up the charts with his bands singles but dominate the television schedules also and earn himself £22m annually doing it.
Yep, he is the guy that seemed to revel in his image of being the bad guy who pulls his trousers up too high but his reputation has taken a bit of a battering today with a heart touching act of kindness.
Appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show to promote X Factor winner Leona Lewis in the US, he saw a video of a family struggling to support themselves while travelling 100 miles everyday for their 3 year old daughters cancer treatment.
After seeing a video of the family, 'Mr Nasty', said: "I didn't know what to do in this situation, other than to do something which I hope will help your situation."
He then wrote out a cheque for £80,000 and handed to them saying "I know that you're having problems with your mortgage. As of this afternoon your mortgage has been paid off."
Rude, vain, smug and annoying he may be but underneath that television persona is actually a decent guy after all.
Well done Simon.


ruth said...

That's good to hear. I'm sure a lot of his gratuitous rudeness is an act.

He should show his kinder side more often - after all he has made plenty of money off the backs of those he has insulted.

annie said...

i never tune into a.i. (or oprah!)plenty of aggravation out there, without choosing to view it. that show is proof of how dumbed-down we have become.

glad to hear he isn't always a jerk, though.

The Fez Monkey said...

You know, that is nice and all ...

But it still doesn't balance out the Spice Girls. Simon has a lot more penance to do before he can claim absolution for that abomination.

Ook ook

Keep Life Simple said...

We rarely know the true person behind celebs. Their agents and their sponsors are always presenting a "desired image".

Everything plays a part including their hair style, dress, parts they play, photos released, who they hang with, etc.

We've seen a few celebs in our community in the last few years like Julia Roberts, Madeline Stowe, Mary Bergenstein (sp), and Tommy Lee Jones. They look taller, shapelier, and generally better on screen than in real life. In fact, I see many "prettier" women on a daily basis.

It seems that often they also don't know themselves. Perhaps they play so many roles it gets hard to tell a role from reality?

Lucy said...

Very true Q, so many times we see someone 'in the flesh' and you realise just how much credit the make up artist should get.