Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Stopping The Barbaric Seal Cull

What sort of human being would not be appalled at the sight of animals having their skulls crushed, their bodies hooked with a metal spike and dragged away leaving a bloody trail on the ice?
The annual seal cull is gearing up with this years quota set at 250,000 harp seals in the sights of the hunters and this time they are not even trying to hide behind the excuse of the seals eating all the fish. The Canadian departmental official speaking on Sky TV today came out and said what we all knew, it's about the fur.
Animal welfare groups have been pushing for a ban on seal imports for years in order to stop the slaughter and finally the European Union is on the verge of an EU wide import ban that could help end the seal hunt.
Experts say this would stop Canada shipping seal pelts through European ports to major markets in China and Russia and fatally wound the barbaric practise.
Seal fur is used in the fashion industry, with each pelt fetching around £25 to £40, and hunters can expect to make a killing in both ways in a few days.
An often used argument by the hunters is that it is their living but as sealers are fishermen by trade, they are just making an additional income for a few weeks a year from killing seals so nobody is going to starve. This is just a sideline or maybe there are more sinister reasons behind the hakapik wielding seal killers.
Here is a Canadian sealer speaking to the Toronto Star: “We all go out for the love of it rather than the money, which isn't there anymore."
So don't insult our intelligence by dressing it up as an economical necessity and don't try and justify the unjustifiable because it is just a barbaric, needless slaughter of defenceless animals for the sake of lining the pockets of the fisherman and providing fur coats to morally bankrupt buyers.


Stephen said...

This is one Canadian who is proud to say he agrees with you. Seal hunting to support the fur industry is barbaric, it's completely unnecessary, it's all about making rich white people look fashionable.

Hunting for sustenance as the aboriginals in the Arctic do I don't have a problem with, but hunting to support the fur industry I do have a problem with, big time.

Daniel said...

I give my seal of approval to Stephen.

Let me also say that Daniel's Seeking Utopia is open again. It will now be a blog that concentrates on seeking utopia, one that offers some beauty in an ugly world.

Dangerous Creation will be where David G, Daniel's alter ego, sticks it up'em! Beware those who enter therein.

Double Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's sickening Lucy. This issue is what drew me to animal rights when I was still a teenager.

myvoice said...

Hi everyone! We need to spread the word about this issue. Tell everyone to visit to view footage of this year's seal hunt, and then to leave a text or video comment. These will be used to help influence international and Canadian policymakers to end this hunt once and for all!