Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Pointing & Laughing

Are you male, own a BMW and a rifle? Well it is an undeniable, categorical and scientifically proven fact that the big cars and guns are a sure sign of a man with a tiny pecker. Talking loudly was also considered a sign of 'packing a peanut' but it turned out that these people were just annoying gits.
Anyway. So there you are with your large motor, shotgun and tiny penis mulling over things to do to fill your day. Probably the last thing you would be to be photographed naked in a national promotional poster for a West End production.
Unless you are an Argentinian called Juan Pablo di that is who is accusing the Royal Opera House of shrinking his penis in posters plastered across shops and buses all around the country. Yeah, the Opera House shrank it, that's the best you could come up with?
"If it was causing Mr Juan Pablo distress then we won't use it again," a suit from the Royal Opera House guffawed while wiggling his little finger in the air.
Personally i think that if Mr Pace had just kept quiet nobody would of thought much about it but now he had drawn attention to it he will always be that guy with the little one in the latest production from the Opera House.
Then again he has only got a small part...and his role in the production isn't that big either.


David G said...

Very clever, Lucy! As I don't own a gun or a big motor I'm feeling quite happy today. Cheers.

annie said...

short guy syndrome, we call it here.

Anonymous said...

Women are lucky. Breast enhancement is outpatient surgery.

Also, there is a flaw in the data. Lots of U.S. gangs (big guns and big cars) are black. Are you sayinig they were short changed?

PS - I tell you what isn't short... the "word verification" for this comment: kqllgdyhj. I hate these damned things.

Lucy said...

Who knows what the gun toting gang members have anon, i dare you to go and ask one if he has a little'un.

The Fez Monkey said...

I like that. The next time a pretty little maid chuckles about my chucker, I'm blaming some Royal Opera poster.


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