Friday, 28 March 2008

Leona Lewis

Truth be told, Britain is not especially famed for its talented female singing voices. With Whitney off her face on god knows what, there is a gap in the market for a female with that special voice and just maybe us Brits have the next big thing in Leona Lewis.
Usually the winners of TV talent contests have their 15 mins of fame and then thankfully fall off the planet but when Leona won X Factor two years ago you would have to have had ears made of lettuce not to have noticed that she was head and shoulders above what normally turns up to be sneered at by Simon Cowell.
Now the former receptionist is sitting pretty at the top of the US billboard chart after staying at number one for seven weeks here and it really could not of happened to a nicer girl.
She has been signed in the US to Clive Davis's label, the man who discovered a young Whitney Houston and turned her into probably the finest female singer of our generation so she really could not be under the wing of a better person.
She is a rare and exceptional talent and if she gets the right songs and avoids the Mariah Carey wobbly voice style that irritates no end, she could be huge.
Everytime i have seen her on TV she has been courteous, polite and humble with no signs of the pretentious behaviour that seems to go hand in hand with most female singers.
I just hope that with her success she can keep that attitude, don't believe the hype that is going to surround her and stay the genuinely nice person she presently is because the tide can turn extremely quickly. Take a lesson from the fate of Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta Jones who both went from national treasure to a vicious media kicking as quick as it took for any pretentious behaviour to rear its head.


Cheezy said...

A friend of mine had dinner with her a few weeks ago (a female friend, I mean... it was a 'business dinner'... I don't want to start any rumours) and said that she is just as sweet and unaffected as she appears to be on telly. So good luck to her.

And it's not my sort of music at all, but 'Bleeding Love' is a catchy little number I think...

Lucy said...

I admit it isn't my cup of tea musically either but she has got a great voice and considering the last female singer we had who was actually any good was...erm...erm......

Cody Bones said...

"Truth be told, Britain is not especially famed for its talented female singing voices."

Putting aside her incredibly annoying personality and antics, I have to vote for Amy Winehouse as an exceptionally talented female British singing voice.

Oh, BTW, I'm home. Did you miss me?

Lucy said...

I don't feel any particular warmth for Amy Winehouse or her music, don't know why but i am very indifferent to her and her music.

Welcome home and of course i missed you, we all did.

Cody Bones said...

Aww, that's sweet of you Lucy. Thanks