Thursday, 27 March 2008

You Silly Girl Hillary

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. What were you thinking?
It was obvious some TV producer was going to rummage around in the video library and find footage of you landing in Bosnia and not having relations with those snipers.
I can understand why she felt she had to sex it up a little but she has fallen into the trap that so many women vying for a position of power fall into, trying to compete with the men in the macho stakes.
Her strength should have been that she was removed from the testosterone fueled antics of her male counterparts. We should be seen as the healers, listeners and conflict resolvers with the maternal instinct to care for others.
That is where Hillary should be building her reputation, as the polar opposite of who currently resides in the White House, not trying to show how tough she is or trying to show her 'manly' credentials.
The is a great bit of advice from former White House Press Secretary Sharon Krum who said that 'Women will never be as good at being men as men are."
What damage this has done to her reputation we shall find out in due course but if this does turn out to be the final nail in her political aspirations, hopefully future female hopefuls can learn from her experience and avoid the pitfalls she has placed her stilettoes in.
After eight years of aggressive and explosive rhetoric, the World needs a calming influence at the head of the table, not someone keen to impress that they can be as recklessly macho as the last guy.
That is not where our strengths lay.


annie said...

she is an embarrassment to women everywhere.what a joke it all turned out to be. again.

Dismal Soyanz said...

What she meant to say was that there was a high probability of there being snipers in the area and combined with a high probability that any one particular plane would be fired at, it was probable that her plane was fired at during the landing. Probably.

Either that or she inhaled.

O' Tim said...
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O' Tim said...

Hillary has run a campaign that has had more than its fair share of stumbles (oh, and abuse from the media). But I think it's the campaign that the U.S. majority mindset has forced her into. The fact that there is even a question of whether we are "ready" to elect a woman (or a black man) as our leader is what I find embarrassing.

Daniel said...

It has been said that a benevolent dictator who doesn't want the job would make the best leader.

In the Presidential stakes, this latter qualification certainly doesn't apply! Sadly.


Anonymous said...


It probably hurt her with some undecided people. I don't think it is the final nail. Now, Obama might be the final nail. But not the use of artistic license...


Dismal Soyanz said...

Stop the presses!


Lucy said...

That's very funny dismal. The most alarming thing about it is her hair style back then.

Noah "Nog" M. said...

I'm going a bit neurotic with this whole "show your manly side, no show your sweet girly side, be black, no pretend that your white, rabble, rabble, rabble!!!!" stuff.

I, personally, don't make voting choices on the demographic nature of the candidates or even their alleged "experience" with the arguable exception of my abhorrence of malicious carpet-baggers (i.e. George H. W. Bush of Boston, George W. Bush of Connecticut, Hillary of Arkansas, Cheney of Wyoming [see the 12th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution "one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves" clause]). If you're good you're good or vice versa woman man, black white, being from Xargon 7 human.

It is truly shameful that so many of us still line up fifth grade playground style and vote like a demographic (boys for boys, girls for girls, nerds for Nader). Why vote for the 1st black president or 1st woman president or another white male president as opposed to the 44th president? There's nothing "manly" or "white" or "Christian" to being the "commander-in-chief" or anything else in civilized government.

Cody Bones said...

I must say, leaving aside her qualifications and intelligence (which is impressive), She truly is one of the most unlikeable candidates that the Democrats have ever thought about nominating. My problem with the Clintons has always been their propensity for saying whatever needed to be said, to a particular audience, He was a panderer, she is a panderer. Pander, Pander, Pander. To me, all I can say is nails on a chalkboard. That being said, for obvious reasons, I hope she gets the nomination.