Sunday, 6 October 2013

All Time Winter Olympic Medal Table

The counter on the Website for the XXII Winter Olympic Games tells me it is 123 days, 19 hours, 14 minutes and 15 seconds to February 7th and the Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia.
I do like the Winter Olympics, all that snow and cow bells, but being Great British i try to avoid looking at the Medals table because we normally have to look a long way down the list to find us.
It is no surprise to see Norway sitting at the top of the all time Olympic medal table with 303 medals from 21 Games.
What is surprising is that the Soviet Union which hasn't even existed since 1991 is in fourth place with 194 medals from only 9 Olympics.
Great Britain have competed in all 21 Winter Olympics held so far and have 22 medals which sees them 21st behind the likes of more snowy climates such as Austria, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia but a record of slightly better than one medal per Olympics is fine especially as it is better than Australia who languish in 26th place with a paltry 9 medals from 17 Winter Olympics.
Another country that has driven off into the sunset, East Germany, are 10th with 110 medals from 6 Olympics while China have only taken part in 9 Olympics and have 44 medals and Russia have taken part in 5 and have 91.
At the other end of the table there are a large amount of countries that have never been on the frozen rostrum to receive a medal of any colour, countries such as Cuba who have no medals from 19 Winter Olympics and Guyana and Sri Lanka who have both returned empty handed from 16 of the games and Singapore who have a big zip from 15.
So as it stands, Norway is the Worlds greatest Winter Olympic nation, or so you would think but if you average it out between medals won and games taken part in, leaving aside the Unified Team which was the Soviet Union mid-break up, the USSR walked away with 21 medals from each Olympics but the Germans on average make off with the back pocket of their lederhosen full of 19 medals from the 10 Olympics they have showed their rosy cheeked faces at.
So the Soviet Union are, or were, the Worlds greatest snow and ice related athletes followed by the Germans, then the East Germans, Russians then the Norwegians. 
As these games are being held in a city that has a humid subtropical climate and considering that on 7th February last year Sochi was snow free, holding the Winter Olympics in a place that might not have any snow might prove to be a plus for us Brits.

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