Thursday, 24 October 2013

Does Obama Regret Winning Election?

As if the US President has not got enough on his plate dealing with an angry Angela Merkel over listening in on her mobile calls, it has now been revealed that she was one of 35 World Leaders who had their personal phone calls tapped by the NSA. 
Things do seem to be unravelling pretty quickly for President Obama with international anger over US government surveillance and even its staunchest Middle East allies making sounds of a change in their relationship.
Obama has had to deal with the angry German chancellor as well as equally annoyed French, Brazilian and Mexican leaders, all of which have been recipients of US spying.
While attempting to placate angry Europeans and South Americans, Obama was also been on the receiving end of a shellacking from Saudi Arabia this week who joined Israel, Jordan and United Arab Emirates in signalling a shift in its relations with the US over its unhappiness at its attempted reconciliation with Iran and the refusal to get involved in Syria.
John Kerry has also been in Pakistan this week to try and build fences after drone attacks succeeded in killing more citizens than jihadists.
A European official said the disclosures had jeopardised standing transatlantic trade deals amid anxiety that the US surveillance gave it an advantage during talks.
With the revelations that more World Leaders where targeted and with thousands of revelations still to come from the Snowden files, Obama must be starting to wish that he had lost the last election and it was someone else answering the White House phone.  


Anonymous said...

i regret him wining ha ha ha


Lucy said...

He still has time to turn it around and take all your guns and introduce Communism though.

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