Sunday, 13 October 2013

Gareth 'Sick Note' Bale

If i was a Real Madrid fan i would be wondering just what my team had spent £86 million on because they
haven't seen much of Gareth Bale since they signed him, just 132 minutes so far.
Tottenham and Arsenal have come out of it very well, Tottenham have the increased bank balance and because Real Madrid had to balance their books, Arsenal got Mesut Ozil who is living up to his label of being one of the greatest midfielders playing today.
Now is has been announced that Bale is suffering from a 'small chronic disc protrusion' or a 'lumbar disc hernia' that is usually only cured by an operation, an operation that will keep him out for at least three months.
He is currently sidelined with a torn muscle in his thigh and you do wonder if the Spaniards looked at his previous medical history before shelling out the record fee.
Tottenham don't care, they have got and spent the money already and it cannot be denied that if he stays fit, Gareth Bale can be an amazing player but it's the 'if he stays fit' bit that should be worrying Real Madrid fans. Meanwhile, thanks for Ozil, he's great!

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Cheezy said...

For years, Real Madrid's style has been to shell out first (preventing the player signing for anyone else), then worry about if the player is right for them afterwards... (a style later adopted by Chelsea in the Premiership, although Madrid are even worse because their debts are fundamentally guaranteed by the government a.k.a. the Spanish taxpayer).

An awful, awful organisation. And that's without even mentioning Christina Ronaldo.