Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mother Nature Blowback In South Dakota

The point about climate change that seems to get overlooked is that extreme weather events become more and more common with each year, extreme weather events like the one in South Dakota where a massive winter storm dumped snow as deep as five feet in some areas and killed tens of thousands of livestock.
This plays into two of my favourite themes, climate change and vegetarianism.
While i feel sad for the cattle and ranchers, some of who have lost their livelihood, there does seem a certain amount of Mother Nature hitting back as meat eating is contributing to climate change and the changing climate is what caused this devastation.
It also seems odd hearing people commenting on how terrible it must have been for the cattle although the cattle were soon to be crammed into lorries and transported to a slaughterhouse where they would have faced brutal and prolonged suffering in the killing process. However they went, by freezing to death or having a bolt shot through their brain or their throats slit and left to painfully bleed to death, the end result was lots of dead cattle.
Now that the White House is open for business again, maybe climate change should be moved up the political agenda and the useful idiots who deny it replaced with politicians who take on board what 99% of the climate scientists are saying and actually want to prevent scenes like this becoming a regular occurrence.

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