Sunday, 20 October 2013

Disussing Ai

Not that we should be overly concerned about it but the Artificial Intelligence bods including Ai experts, scientists and legal experts are having a get together this week in Brighton to go through the possible implications of intelligent systems.
'We're interested in considering the ethical and societal impact of such systems," says Alan Winfield, professor of electronic engineering at UWE Bristol, 'It is time to make some crucial decisions but if we get it wrong, there are consequences right now'.
One of the areas up for discussion is driverless cars and just how much of the driving should be left to humans and prosthetic limbs which will soon be outperforming our natural limbs, raising new concerns that the technology could become available to individuals who may wish to trade in their healthy body parts for a prosthetic limb.
My biggest concern, other than the Artificial intelligence taking over in Hal 9000 style, is that they will give robots human-like faces which is creepy. I wish they would introduce some code of practise where robots are supposed to look like robots with square heads and blinking red lights about their persons and not duplicate human features.
Also, if they can all sound like Steven Hawking's speech synthesiser it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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