Sunday, 6 October 2013

Diana The Movie

Brave attempt by film director Oliver Hirschbiegel to deflect away why his film 'Diana' has flopped so badly in Britain.
'I think, for the British, Diana is still a trauma they haven't come to terms with' was his explanation which shows he never really had a handle on the Diana phenomenon here.
When i heard she died, i was sad for her and her family as i am sad for any person who i hear dies in a car crash but at the time of Diana's death, she was on another downward slope of the roller coaster ride she had with the public.
Like most posthumous memories of those in the public eye, Diana's reputation has undergone a massive rise since her death but those of us old enough to remember her pre-August 31, 1997, remember her differently from the sugar coated Queen of Our Hearts nonsense that people like Hirschbiegel seem to be foisting upon us.  
I haven't seen, or have any intentions, of watching the film but from the critical reports i have read it's quite shockingly bad, not just the acting, but the story which whitewashes her many failings and paints her as a Mother Theresa type hugging orphans and spraying rays of sunshine wherever she went.  
I would say the reason his film flopped so badly in Britain was because we know the Diana story and this wasn't it.

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