Monday, 7 October 2013

No Jeans In Iran

It is outrageous that Iranians are not allowed to wear jeans as Binyamin Netanyahu told us today.
What sort of a country would not allow it's citizens to wear jeans? I blame the Ayatollah, he is the real power in Iran. I'm with you Benji and i agree that as you said, 'If the Iranian people had freedom, they would wear jeans'.
No jeans, no freedom and as Benjamin is an honest, well researched and intelligent leader, i'm going with him on this one because if he knows so much about the Iranian Nuclear Program, i'm sure he can be trusted to know what Iranians are allowed to wear and not make himself look a pillock by saying such stupid things without checking first.
In protest, here's a picture of the dastardly Ayatollah being questioned by a suppressed Iranian boy, probably asking why he isn't allowed to even wear jeans in...bugger, that's awkward.


Cheezy said...

Maybe he wasn't quoted correctly (Farsi is notoriously tricky to translate) and what he's actually banning are low-riding jeans that hang off teenagers, the crotch of them down by the knees, exposing their smalls for all the world to see?

If this is the case, it's a great law.

Lucy said...

It was Netanyahu who said it which prompted the obvious thousands of pictures of Iranians wearing jeans but i do agree that the low riding jeans should be outlawed or at the very least girls wearing them with thongs. Not pretty.