Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Welcome To The Newly Privatised Royal Mail

As most people will know, i view privatisation with the same esteem that i hold having my thumbs squeezed in a vice.
They tell us it will bring down price and increase service but in reality the service falls through the floor and the price goes up. Take a look at your next electric, water, gas, phone bill or train ticket and that will testify that it doesn't bring greater efficiency, benefits to the customer,  bring the best prices for the consumer nor improve the service.  
Royal Mail has been a private company less than a week and the CEO is looking at rising the prices.    
Moya Greene explained 'We are very proud of the value that we provide for 60p, but we also know that in that field, where we have structural decline on the letters side, we have to be very careful about pricing. We are very pleased that if you compare our prices to other countries in the European Union, we are at the low to middle of the spectrum'.
Asked by a journalist if that meant a price rise was imminent, Greene replied: '"Well, stamp prices didn't raise last year'.
Not even the decency to let a week go by before revealing the intention to sting their customers.
Shame nobody asked how The Royal Mail made a profit of £403 million last year but the very first act of the newly privatised company doing the exact same job with the exact same number of people is to put prices up to be competitive.
And there you go, that's privatisation for you where shareholders, profits and salaries are paramount and customers are just a means of paying for this with sky high prices and awful service.

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Cheezy said...

I'm not ideologically opposed to privatisation, but in this case you're bang on. It's a very profitable business - why can't it be run for the benefit of us all? Answer: Because the current government don't have an interest in running it for the benefit of all. Tory grandees and donors will make a killing out of this, at the expense of the rest of us.