Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bad Time For Mo

Interesting times to be Mo Farah as drug allegations creep even closer to him on news that he missed two drug tests before the London 2012 Olympics.
There has already been whispers that as his trainer and training partner have been exposed as breaking anti-doping rules, that Farah, who has not been accused of anything illegal, at best must have been aware what was happening and at worst partaken in the practise.
It doesn't help that his excuse for missing the second was that he failed to hear his doorbell has been dismissed by anti-doping officials who confirmed they would have tried repeatedly to rouse him during the hour in question by knocking on his door every 10-15 minutes.
Meanwhile Nicole Sapstead, the UK Anti-Doping chief executive, said that it was not common for athletes to miss two tests in a single 12-month period and a third missed test would have counted as the equivalent of a failed drugs test and could have led to Farah receiving a possible four-year ban.  
It may take more than the team of crisis management experts that Mo is consulting with to save his reputation after this.

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