Friday, 5 June 2015

Charlie, Charlie, Can We Play?

I have never seen a ghost, felt a spiritual presence or locked eyes with a demon but it isn't through want of trying as my friends and i would often sit excitedly around a ouija board in our younger days and try to communicate with someone, anyone, on the other side.
Apart from one time when the goldfish jumped out of the tank, we came away thinking what a load of old tosh and the whole thing would degenerate into an argument about whether George Michael and Andrew Ridgely were gay.
Just like the youth of the 1980's, the youth of the 2010's are still looking to the other realm for their jollies and their answer to the oiuja board is a spirit summoning game called Charlie Charlie.       
The Charlie Charlie Challenge is designed to summon a malignant spirit from beyond the grave and works by balancing a pencil horizontally on top of a vertically aligned pencil so they are in the shape of a cross and two of the quadrants are labelled 'yes' and two are labelled 'no'.
Then reciting: 'Charlie, Charlie, can we play?', a spirit is invited to come out and play and if the top pencil spins around to 'yes', the players can ask Charlie other yes or no questions and the pencil will move correspondingly.
Of course this blog takes no responsibility if you play this game and you end up inside your television or dragged out of your bed tonight by the invisible hand of a malevolent spirit but it might be wise to put the lid on the fish tank.

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