Friday, 19 June 2015

Nice One Mrs & Mrs Kerr

The choosing of a name is a personal thing, sometimes the parents decide to name their offspring after a member of the family or an inspirational figure from history or even they go for the option of using the moniker of someone in the current spotlight.
Occasionally the parents give the matter no thought at all and disregard that their offspring will hear a lifetime of snickering whenever they are introduced.
That's why we have people like the Canadian baseball player Stubby Clapp, Randy Lerner sat in the big chair at Aston Villa and to this list of humorous names we can add the Jamaican currently keeping goal at the COPA America, DuWayne Kerr.
Mr Kerr's parents either have a great sense of humour or..., let's just say they have a great sense of humour but as funny as it is, it has not made it's way in to my list of side splitting names.
A special mention here to former footballer Stefan Kuntz and downhill skier Andreas Wank but they don't even get close to the Associate Professor of Natural Sciences at Singapore University, Shit Fun Chew, or the former US ambassador to Denmark, Dick Swett.
Still holding the top spot at number one is the man at the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe who is named Tiny Kox.
Mr and Mrs Kox, we salute you .

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