Saturday, 27 June 2015

Stuck For Present Ideas?

Stuck for a present for that someone who has everything?
How about a Missile Site Military Base available on Ebay at a reduced price of $503,500 (approx £319,354).
I bet they haven't got one of those!
The price tag is what the current owner wants for the Nike DY-10 Control Site in Abilene, Texas, after no takers at the original $595,000 asking price.
The base has two barracks buildings, officer quarters, tennis and basketball courts, several unidentified concrete buildings and 12 acres of land.
I decided not to put in a bid as the delivery notes said 'May not ship to United Kingdom' but i am sure that there are several people elsewhere interested with a bidding war going on between a Mr K. Un who has bid 500 North Korean Won and Mr V. Putin in Moscow who has made a bid of 250 Ruble's but is eyeing the 'buy now' button.

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