Saturday, 20 June 2015

Queen Bee to Replace Queen Liz

The one reason cited most by pro-Royalists for keeping Queen Elizabeth and her brood is that they bring in a lot of tourist pounds which of course isn't much of an argument.
It is not as if people will stop coming to our green and pleasant land saying: 'We were considering England but as nice as it is, it just isn't the same without a monarchy so we're going to spend two weeks in Magaluf instead'.
It is reported that the Royals add £500m in tourism to the countries coffers but even that laughable figure must be reduced by the £300m they cost us to keep them, their royal residences and the security bill to keep them safe as they trot off around the globe waving at people.
Now Researchers at the University of Reading have estimated the overall value of bees to the economy and come up with a figure of £651m due to how heavily food crops rely on bees to grow, and how much the sale of these crops contribute to the UK economy.
The solution is therefore to kick out the Queen and her growing family of civil list money grabbers and stick a bee on the throne.
The bee wouldn't cost anything except the cost of a hive and it wouldn't need the £8m that we hand to the Queen each year for the privilege of sitting in a huge house in unimaginable luxury and being given £8m each year.
Next week, my plan to replace the Conservative Government with potatoes.


Nog said...

Does the Queen really bring tourists? Really? Half a billion?

I'd think there are some, slightly better (or less bad) reasons to keep the monarchy around than tourism.

Falling on a bruise said...

I would argue she doesn't and people would visit if she was there or not but its one of those claims nobody can prove one way or the other so its never really challenged.

Keep Life Simple said...

It is a big world, but i have not an American say they are going to the UK to see royalty since the death of princess Di