Tuesday, 2 June 2015

God Sounds Male To Me

It is a potential slippery slope i tread but this is the second post about religion hot on the heels of the
last one so taking my atheism in my hand, what should we call God?
Obviously 'made up' and 'fairy story' but let us put to one side all of our common sense and pretend that there was a being who created the entire Universe 160 billion light years wide just for us humans and then created a planet and stuck it in the outpost of a galaxy far out in the armpit of the universe, do we call this person he or she?   
The funny little humans have always called the creator He, but some in the Church if England have said hang on there a cotton pickin' minute, maybe it's a She.
Rev Jody Stowell is spearheading a campaign to re-configure the almost exclusively male references to God, saying: 'Orthodox theology says all human beings are made in the image of God, that God does not have a gender. He encompasses gender – he is both male and female and beyond male and female. So when we only speak of God in the male form, that’s actually giving us a deficient understanding of who God is'.
In all honesty it doesn't matter if you call God He, She or Rover but considering God went around the World killing and punishing people doing things he didn't like and was a jealous, control freak which all sound very much like male traits to me so let them have him, we have Mother Nature anyway and she is much nicer.

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