Friday, 26 June 2015

Welcoming Religionists To The Green Side

Religion for once is attempting to inspire a worthy mission with the Pope speaking out to the billions of his followers that Climate Change is real and happening and we face a choice of whether or not us humans wish to keep inhabiting this planet.
The Pope has warned of: 'an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems' and 'serious consequences for all of us if humanity fails to act on climate change' in his encyclical on the environment, published by the Vatican.
Barely out of the dark ages and in some respects still firmly entrenched in it, at least the Church has realised that everything else pales into insignificance if the planet is ravaged by devastating severe weather and catastrophic warming climates and the central message seems to be seeping in with several senior Catholic figures who in turn will bring the Popes message to the billion of Catholics around the globe who continue to cling to the belief that the Pope has the ear of the man who made the Universe. 
Fair enough, especially if it means more people will now heed the warning and stop wrecking the planet although the problem has always been the big corporations filling the sky, land and sea with their pollutants.
It's all more pressure so i say there is still much the Church can do, it's views on homosexuals, abortions and contraception are absurd but if it wants to say to the believers that if you still want to get to heaven on the Day of Judgement they need to recycle, then any means to an end and welcome to the green side of the argument.
Light a candle, grab your rosary beads and let's discuss why talking snakes don't exist over a cup of lemon tea.

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