Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Just How Good Is Adele?

Every generation consider their era's music to be the best, my grandparents poo-pooed my parents  bands like the Beatles and my parents wrinkled their noses at my Gun's N Roses records so it's only fair that i in turn slag off the music of today which to my ears is dull, dull, dull.        
One act that i particularly don't feel the love for is Adele who seems to walk away from every music awards ceremony with an armful of trophies which must mean that i'm obviously wrong and she is a musical genius but let's not be so quick to adorn her with the pop princess crown just yet.
My main problem with Adele is that she has hit a rich seam with the tear jerking ballad and wow is she hammering that particular genre.
Hello, Rolling in the Deep, Someone like you, Chasing Pavements and even the James Bond theme Skyfall were all slow, plodding tunes all about the same failed love affair which obviously people like and buy in their droves but it's not so much for me.     
I'm can almost guarantee that Adele will end the Brit Awards tonight with yet another armful of statues and platitudes ringing in her ears but i must admit to being perplexed how she continues to sweep all before her with basically the same tune re-written with different lyrics about how her heart has been broken.


Nog said...

Any thoughts on where a of the people who think Adele is a genius are hiding? I've always wondered.

Falling on a bruise said...

No idea but she keeps winning awards so someone must rate her.