Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Show Us The Biblical Evidence

Christina Wilkinson, head at St Andrew's CE Primary School in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, took to social media to air her views about the earth's beginning and posted that 'evolution is not a fact' and that that is 'more evidence that the Bible is true'.
As expected she was then mercilessly mocked and has since taken down the post and replaced it with a less contentious one that explains that the school teach the full national curriculum in school and that 'our pupils receive a fully rounded education'.
Not if she is teaching them you may say but i would be interested to hear what evidence she has that the Bible is true.
Has she finally found the elusive talking snake or even the unicorn the Bible talks about or maybe the ark that was large enough to accommodate either two or seven of every animal in the World?
Possibly we can finally explain how God created light on the first day but didn't magic up the Sun until Day 4 or exactly how the stars will 'fall from the sky' when Jesus returns or that the Earth is at the centre of everything and the Sun has been actually going around the Earth all this time.    
Considering that the Bible is full of stories stolen from other earlier religions surely if there is any evidence then it rather disproves Christianity in favour of the religions that it replaced.
Maybe Mrs Wilkinson should stick to showing her primary school kids how to stay inside the lines when colouring in and leave the big stuff to the other teachers.


Keep Life Simple said...

It doesn't disprove Christianity. It disproves how Christians and others (including atheists) have interpreted the bible.

Falling on a bruise said...

Maybe it was deliberately written so vague so it could be interpreted many different ways although the 'facts' i have used in my post are pretty unvague and there is no mistaking them.

Keep Life Simple said...

So the light from a torch doesn't count because it isn't the sun? Theory of relativity allows one entity's day to be billions of years. Where does the bible say the sun orbits the earth? metorites could be "stars falling from the sky". So could satellites...